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Tiered Discount Promotion for Wholesale Snacks and Confectionery

At The Wholesale Snacks Company, a leading B2B wholesale specialist in snacks and confectionery, we are thrilled to introduce our Tiered Discount Promotion, designed to reward your company for its purchases and enhance your Profit on Return (POR). Our tailored tiers offer exclusive benefits and savings, incentivising higher purchase volumes with increasingly attractive discounts. Here's how it works:

  • Bronze Level: Our entry tier offers full wholesale prices for orders up to £150. To add value, we provide free national 1st class delivery for orders over £75, ensuring your products arrive swiftly and without additional shipping costs.
  • Silver Level: Elevate to our Silver tier by placing orders over £150. At this level, enjoy the perk of free delivery alongside a 5% discount on your entire order, offering a significant saving that directly impacts your bottom line.
  • Gold Level: For orders exceeding £250, our Gold tier rewards you with not only free delivery but also a 7% saving across the whole order. This tier is designed for those looking to maximise their purchasing efficiency and savings.
  • Diamond Level: Our premium tier, Diamond, is reserved for orders over £350. Qualify for this tier and receive an unparalleled 10% off our wholesale prices, along with complimentary delivery. This top tier is the epitome of our appreciation, offering the highest level of savings and service.

Elevate Your Savings, Enhance Your POR

With our Tiered Discount Promotion, the more you purchase, the more you save. This initiative not only provides your business with the best in snacks and confectionery but also significantly boosts your POR through strategic savings. Start leveraging our tiered discounts today and see the difference it makes to your order value and profit margins.